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Wright charged for pulling gun on girlfriend
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Aggravated assault charges have been leveled against a Harrison Ferry man after he allegedly pulled a gun on his girlfriend – something he claims he did after she pulled a knife on him.
The suspect, Michael J. Wright, 43, is charged with aggravated domestic assault, a crime that carries three to six years in prison.
Lawmen believe Wright was the primary aggressor in the conflict between him and his girlfriend. It reportedly began when he asked her who she was talking with.
“She said she was in bed watching TV when Mr. Wright came into her bedroom and pulled back the blanket, arguing about who she was talking to on her cellphone,” said sheriff’s deputy Brystol Davis.
The victim said the situation turned violent and he began choking her and then pursued her into the kitchen where he shoved her down, causing her to hit her head on a table.
“When she stood up, she grabbed a knife to get Mr. Wright to back off,” Davis said. “After this, Mr. Wright grabbed a handgun and said he was going to shoot her.”
However, instead of pulling the trigger, Wright decided to call 911 and report his girlfriend had pulled a knife on him first, hoping to have her arrested. His plan backfired after lawmen found marks on the woman’s neck and arms, tending to prove her version of events that he had manhandled her in the moments leading up to her pulling a knife.