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Woman with HIV charged for coughing
King accused of criminal exposure
Stephanie Denise King could face three to six years in prison if she is convicted of the felony offense.

A woman with HIV has been charged with criminal exposure for allegedly coughing in her probation officer’s face.
The woman, Stephanie Denise King, 43, could face three to six years in prison if she is convicted of the felony offense.
She is charged for the incident that happened in her West Riverside home during a visit there by her probation officer who is based out of Cookeville. The officer told the judicial commissioner through whom he swore the warrant that he was conducting a home visit for King and the defendant had been coughing the whole time he was there. The victim said he had been made aware King has HIV, as well tuberculosis, during past visits.
“He (the probation officer) made her aware that she was going to lose her drug treatment program,” the warrant reads.
The officer said he was about to leave when King stood up and walked close to him and coughed in his face. The probation officer said when he got to his car he found evidence of the (spray) from her cough in his face and even in one of his eyes.
Under the wording of the law, it is not essential the officer contract HIV in order for King to be convicted of a felony. All that is required is that she conducted the act knowingly. There is no specific citation in the law about a cough, although there is a clause that refers to transferring bodily fluids.