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Woman hits man with coffee table
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A woman has been bound to the grand jury after she allegedly hit her husband in the face with a coffee table and then threatened to kill him when he fell asleep.The woman, Gail Lavern Smith, 57, was bound to the grand jury following a preliminary hearing before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on the charge of aggravated domestic assault.She is charged for a fight with her husband at their Morrison home which left her better half bloody.“She told him to get out,” the judicial commissioner wrote of John Smith’s version of events.When he refused to leave, his angry wife flipped over a coffee table and repeated her order for him to get out of the house. He refused her request again, this time prompting her to threaten to destroy his TV. His refusal pushed her into action.“She busted his TV set,” the warrant reads, noting the woman then picked up the coffee table she had knocked over earlier and used it as a weapon. “She picked up the coffee table and slung it at Mr. Smith while he was sitting on the couch.”The table reportedly hit Mr. Smith in the face, bringing blood.