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Woman faces extortion
Maria Delia Reed is charged with two felony counts for the intimidation and threats.

A woman faces extortion and stalking charges after she allegedly threatened to have her former employer deported by turning her in to immigration officials.
The woman, Maria Delia Reed, 51, is charged with two felony counts for the intimidation and threats the victim says had gone on for years, all with the aim of blackmailing her for money.
According to sheriff’s investigator Travis Thaxton, Reed was employed by the female victim for about three weeks in the summer of 2011. She was paid $200 for her work. However, after leaving employment, Reed began trying to extort money.
“She has attempted to extort $3,000 from her by threatening to have her deported from the United States of America to Mexico if she does not give her money,” Thaxton said. “The victim is in fear of Ms. Reed regarding the continued demands for money she does not owe her.”
The investigator did not reveal whether the victim is legally in the country, although it would not impact the charges against Reed.
As part of her pattern of intimidation, Thaxton said he believes Reed contacted the Department of Children’s Services about the victim on numerous occasions. None of the DCS inquires led to any action against the victim.
As evidence it was Reed behind the DCS false reports, the victim says she saw Reed taking pictures of her and her children just before the reports were made.
“There are seven occasions of her stalking the victim throughout Warren County while taking cellphone pictures of her in an attempt to intimidate her,” Thaxton said, noting the last incident happened Feb. 20.
Reed could face two to four years in prison for extortion and one to two years for the felony stalking. She has been warned to have no contact with the victim while she is free on $20,000 bond awaiting hearing.