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Wine sales expected to pour in
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McMinnville is about to uncork a new chapter in its history.
The first bottle of wine is expected to be sold inside the city limits Wednesday at Kroger.
McMinnville city recorder Shirley Durham says it will be the first time a bottle of wine has been legally sold inside the city.
Kroger spokeswoman Melissa Eads confirms wine will be stocked at our Kroger at Three Star Mall beginning Wednesday morning with the first sale expected around noon. Kroger will beat Walmart for the honor by a matter of days.
Walmart store manager Andrew Hampton says the local store is ready to go with wine sales with inventory already in house. He says he’s waiting on approval from home office for wine sales to begin.
“The wine will be located right across from the beer,” said Hampton. “It will be 72 feet of wine. We expect to start selling within the week.”
Selling wine in grocery stores is made possible by a change in state law. The Tennessee General Assembly voted during its 2014 legislative session to allow wine sales in grocery stores beginning July 1, 2016. The measure was contingent on approval at the local level.
In November, McMinnville voters OK’d wine sales in grocery stores with 68 percent of the vote. That opened the door for grocery retailers to apply for a permit.
Durham says Kroger and Walmart are the only two retailers to apply for a wine license thus far. The permit has to be approved at the city and state levels.
“We give a certificate of compliance saying they are zoned correctly and meet our requirements,” said Durham. “Then it goes to the state.”