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Wine measure makes ballot
The main opponent to the wine in grocery stores measure is liquor stores.

The question of wine in grocery stores will be on the McMinnville city ballot in November alongside the proposition for legal package liquor.
According to election administrator Donna Smith, proponents of the initiative were able to get the required number of signatures to get the question on the ballot. Only McMinnville city voters were allowed to sign the petition and only city voters will get to vote on the measure during the municipal election this November.
“Looking at the addresses on the petition, it appears someone was out canvassing and going door to door to get the signatures,” Smith said of the petition drive.
The measure failed to make the ballot two years ago when many cities around the state ratified wine in grocery stores. The state only recently passed a law that allows such sales.
The main opponent to the wine in grocery stores measure is liquor stores as they say it is hard to compete against national chains like Kroger when it comes to wine sales.
Voting on wine in grocery stores is a separate vote from package liquor. Both could pass, both could fail, or one could pass and the other could fail.
Package liquor is on the ballot for the first time since 2010 when the measure failed by 200 votes. Liquor by the drink passed here in 2002 after several close calls.
All of Warren County’s neighbors presently have legal package liquor. The counties permitting package liquor sales that border the Nursery Capital now include Coffee, DeKalb, White, Grundy, Sequatchie, Van Buren and Cannon.
Smith noted if a person owns land in the city, yet lives outside the city limits, they can register to vote as a property rights holder by Oct. 11.