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Wilson indicted for attempted first-degree murder

A man who reportedly swerved and tried to hit a deputy during a high-speed run from the law has been indicted for attempted first-degree murder among other charges.

Joshua B. Wilson, 30, has also been indicted by the Warren County grand jury for criminal impersonation, reckless endangerment, evading arrest, and fifth-offense driving on a suspended license.

The chase took place earlier this year in July. Wilson was eventually taken into custody in Putnam County after fleeing Warren County on Sparta Highway and going into Van Buren, White and Putnam counties.

Warren County Sheriff’s deputy Jared Jacobs was in pursuit.

According to Sheriff’s Department Major Jason Walker, the chase started on Nashville Highway when Jacobs pulled over a GMC Yukon towing a U-Haul trailer because the trailer lights weren’t working.

“During the stop, the male driver gave Jacobs a Tennessee driver license,” said Walker. “During the traffic investigation, it was determined the subject had given someone else’s ID.” 

Jacobs approached the driver and confronted him about providing false ID. 

“Wilson then took off and turned down the ramp of Nashville Highway turning onto 70 Bypass,” said Walker. “He then headed east toward Sparta Highway.”

An attempt was made to stop him. However, it almost proved costly for the deputy who Wilson allegedly attempted to strike.

“Capt. Jody Cavanaugh set up to deploy spike strips on the bypass by the railroad tracks,” said Walker. “As Wilson was getting close to the area, he intentionally swerved at Capt. Cavanaugh while he was out of his vehicle trying to deploy stop sticks, causing Cavanaugh to have to take evasive actions to get out of the way of being struck by the vehicle and trailer.”

Deputies were able to get in front of Wilson to warn unsuspecting motorists, and in some instances oncoming traffic, of the danger. 

Said Walker, “White County units attempted to set up spike strips at several locations, and Wilson would go across the median into oncoming traffic. He would come back across the median in the correct lane of travel and at one point he struck deputy Jacobs’ patrol unit.”

The pursuit ended off Highway 136 when Wilson became stuck in a field. 

According to jail records, Wilson has been held at Warren County Jail since his arrest on July 21.