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Will it rain on our parade?
Organizers hoping precipitation holds off
Rain on Christmas Parade-2.jpg
File photo The Christmas Parade is scheduled for Saturday and the threat of rain hopefully will not dampen the Christmas spirit. Last year’s parade theme was Christmas songs and it was on an overcast day.

McMinnville Parks and Recreation is hoping it does not literally rain on the annual Christmas Parade this Saturday, but the department is closely monitoring the weather and hopes to proceed as planned. 

The Christmas Parade is tomorrow at 2 p.m. and rain is in the forecast. McMinnville Parks and Recreation program coordinator Rene A. Alvarez says they have been monitoring the weather and says it looks like it might rain a little that morning and then clear off by parade time. 

Alvarez says it would be hard to reschedule the parade for another weekend due to the amount of police involved and the road closures needed. If there is light rain, the parade will continue. A rain-out date would be announced if the parade could not proceed. 

“As long as it is not absolutely pouring or storming the parade will still go on,” said Alvarez. 

The AccuWeather forecast shows a couple of morning showers; otherwise cloudy for Saturday. The probability for precipitation is 63 percent and the possibility for a thunderstorm is 13 percent. 

The theme of this year’s parade is Christmas Movies. The parade will start at D.C. tires at the corner of Post Road and Clark Boulevard, moving down West Main Street onto Main Street. Proceeding toward Beersheba Towers with a right turn onto Market Street, the annual holiday parade ends at the Farmers Market. Those participating in the parade will need to line up around the block of the Milner Recreation Center starting at 11:30 a.m.