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Westwood three-way stop gets initial OK
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A three-way stop at the intersection of Westwood Drive and Rivermont Drive has received a tentative nod from McMinnville officials.
The measure was approved 6-1 during Tuesday night’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting. Alderman Mike Neal voted against it.
Alderman Steve Harvey did voice concerns, not for stopping traffic but for opening the flood gates.
“It seems to me like we are going to end up putting them at every single intersection. Fourth Avenue is going to be next. I guarantee you, if you put one at Rivermont, the next street over where Fourth Avenue comes into Westwood Drive they are going to want one. We are going to be stopping at every single street.”
Reportedly, residents in the area requested the city place the three-way stop to slow motorists and improve safety, but Matt Feno was the only one in attendance when Safety Committee members met to consider the request.
Asked Harvey, “Were there more residents other than him requesting this?”
Mayor Jimmy Haley says he talked to several residents who want the three-way stop due to safety concerns.
“This is for safety,” he said. “One child has already been hit there.”
That accident had nothing to do with speeding, the intersection, or driver error.
“There was a child injured over the summer, but there was no indication that speed was a factor with that,” said McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton. “According to the report, the child ran into the road and actually hit the car. It really had very little to do with the intersection.”
The area was reviewed, said Denton, and there was no indication of excessive speeders, but a three-way stop might improve what he called “a blind approach” as Westwood Drive motorists travel toward Rivermont Drive.
One more passing read is required before two stop signs go up. At this time, only Rivermont motorists are required to stop.