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West project goes out to bid Dec. 20
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The cost of West Elementary’s renovation and expansion project will be known in mid-January.

“The West Elementary project will go out to bid on Dec. 20,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “That’s the plan, provided the School Board approves it. We want to try to get those out so contractors can begin working on them before the holidays. I think bids will be open in mid-January. I think we’ve gotten, pretty much, all the clearance we need from the fire marshal for that project.”

All the concrete has been poured at Bobby Ray Elementary and construction on its expansion will begin. 

“They are getting ready to start going up with the building at Bobby Ray,” said Cox. “The foundation and slab has already been poured. 

Over Christmas break, they are going to be doing some work with the connector from the new building to the cafeteria. They have to get that work done because that’s the egress out of the cafeteria. They are hoping for good weather.”

He adds an elevator is being installed into what is currently the main building where visitors enter.

“They have the elevator pit poured and constructed. They are ready to start installing that. Behind the building, they are working on drainage and the retention pond there. Everything is moving along on that project.” 

The update was provided to members of the county’s Education Committee.