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We're in for a bumpy ride
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Lisa Hobbs photo McMinnville Public Works Department is improving city street imperfections. On Wednesday, a crew was filling potholes and issues created when underground repairs were made by the Water Department.

Is your city street providing a bumpy ride?

Underground work to city water lines has resulted in some poor street conditions around town.

“It’s obvious that Anthony (Pelham, director of McMinnville Water Department) is doing his job because we’ve got potholes all over the place that we’ve made fixing water lining, putting in new water lines, replacing frozen water lines and that type thing,” said Alderman Everett Brock. “We’ve got a lot of places now that have a lot of bumps. What is our plan to take care of this because some of them are getting pretty jarring?”
The question was asked of city administrator Bill Brock during a regular session of the McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

“The only thing we can do during the winter time is patch with cold mix, which isn’t very good,” Bill Brock said. “When summer comes, I’m sure Public Works and Water will get together and do some better hot mix repairs. We just have to tough it through. There are some potholes too.”

While digging below the street to repair water lines creates manmade issues, potholes are a natural occurrence. A pothole is a structural failure in a road surface caused by the presence of water in the underlying soil structure and the presence of traffic passing over the affected area.

During winter months, the water freezes, expands and thaws, creating a gap in the pavement. As vehicles drive over the gap, the pavement weakens and leads to a pothole.

“I’m certainly not getting onto you, or Anthony, because these are things that happen,” said Everett Brock. “I’ve just had a lot of comments from constituents wanting to know.”

Bill Brock stated, “They do need to go out and take a look at repairing. I’ll request that they do that.”
A Public Works crew was out Wednesday, after the Tuesday night meeting, filling potholes and correcting manmade issues using cold mix.

Residents can report street issues by calling 473-2553 or online at by clicking on “Departments,” “Public Works,” and “Request for Service/Report a Problem.”