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Wednesday night winds, flooding leave mark
Storm - Barn.jpg
This barn on the property of Danny and Cathy Mullins was blown onto Pigeon Hill Road on Wednesday night. The Highway Department responded to remove the debris from the roadway.

Cathy Mullins said rain was pounding Wednesday night when a sudden gust of wind swept through her property in the Centertown area destroying one of her barns.

“It only lasted about 30 seconds,” said Mullins from the porch of her home on Pigeon Hill Road. “I guess it was straight-line winds. It came through really fast and then it was gone. It was just more rain after that.”

Her barn was swept about 40 feet to the middle of the road. Highway Department workers responded to push the barn back on the Mullins property and clear the street. Two other barns located nearby didn’t budge.

“I can replace a barn,” said Danny Mullins. “I’m glad it didn’t do any damage to my house. My neighbors across the street weren’t so lucky.”

He pointed across the road where a tree had snapped and crashed through the roof of his neighbor’s home. He said it left a gaping hole, allowing rain to pour into the home.

The rain came in barrels. According to McMinnville Water Department, which keeps official rainfall totals, there was 6.07 inches of rain in about a 32-hour window.

The rain started Wednesday morning shortly after midnight and continued until Thursday around noon. The most intense period was a two-hour span Wednesday afternoon where 1.66 inches of rain was recorded.

In Smartt Station, wind snapped a pine tree next to the home of Rodney Thomas on Cherry Lane. Thomas said it appears his home was spared major damage from the tree, but it completely blocked his driveway and prevented him from leaving.

“I had to take the day off work because I can’t get my car out,” said Thomas. “Those aren’t even my pine trees. I’ve been trying to get my neighbor to do something about them but he doesn’t seem too interested.”

Thomas said it was easy to tell when the tree came crashing against his house.

“It scared us to death and scared the dog too,” said Thomas. “Some people down the road were telling me it knocked pictures off their wall. I’m not touching this until my insurance company gets a chance to come by here and look at it. Hopefully that will be today.”

High water caused flooding and closed roads in the usual problem areas in Irving College, Viola and near Pepper Branch Park.