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We have a friend in Jesus, Owens says
Lenten service.jpg
Jeff Owens addresses a crowd gathered at First United Methodist Church on Wednesday at noon for the final Lenten Service before Easter.

The sacrifice Jesus Christ made for humanity by giving his life on the Cross of Calvary should remain close to our hearts, especially on Good Friday.

That was the message conveyed by First Baptist Church pastor Jeff Owens on Wednesday during the final Lenten Service before Easter Sunday.

We have a friend in Jesus, said Owens, in reminding those gathered at First United Methodist Church that Christ died on the cross so we can redeem our lives through His sacrifice.

“In Jesus we have our all in all,” said Owens. “God left nothing out. We have a friend and we have salvation in Jesus.”

Owens said Jesus sought to be a friend to his followers while encouraging them to believe in Him in the same way they believe in God. Owens said a true friend is someone who will come in when everyone else is rushing out.

“Jesus coming to earth has always been about restoring relationships between mankind and God the Father,” said Owens to the midday crowd.

Owens looked to John 14 in a story Jesus told Thomas.

“Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life,” said Owens. “He said no one comes to the Father but through me. Jesus said I am not a way. I am the way.”

Easter is this Sunday.