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Water utilities tap into $8.1M
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Warren County’s three water utilities are slated to receive a combined $8.1 million from the state to improve infrastructure.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation released the final version of the Water Infrastructure Investment Plan, which outlines the state’s proposal to allocate $1 billion of its federal ARPA funding for qualifying water, wastewater and storm water infrastructure improvements.

“It looks as though we will be receive slightly more than $2.5 million for water, sewer, and storm water infrastructure,” said city administrator Nolan Ming referring to money earmarked for McMinnville Water Department.

Warren County is slated to receive almost $5.6 million for West Warren-Viola Utility and Warren County Utility District.

“It is my hope to divide that equally, but it will require County Executive and County Commission approval,” said Warren County Utility District manager Anthony Pelham.

Ming says the city was waiting on the final decision before discussing and identifying potential projects, while Pelham will be requesting permission to construct a new water tank.

“I am working on a proposal for the Warren County Commission’s consideration to utilize a portion of the funds to build a new 1-million- gallon water tank in the Centertown/ Newtown area,” said Pelham. “There are several other strings attached and match requirement based on ATPI (ability to pay index). I am hopeful at this time.”

The required match is 20%.

The final version of TDEC’s Water Infrastructure Plan allocates $1 billion of the state’s federal ARPA allocation directly to each of the state’s 95 counties, as well as to the 267 municipalities that either own and operate a water and/ or wastewater system or that operate under a storm water permit.

Once received, funds must be obligated by Dec. 31, 2024 and expended by Dec. 31, 2026.