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Warren Health Department considers full-time janitor
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Employee versus contract labor is under consideration for Warren County Health Department’s janitorial services.

The county Financial Management Committee held off on awarding a contract bid of $2,426 a month to Darron’s Do-All Commercial Cleaning Service for cleaning the Health Department’s in order to consider hiring a full-time employee as a cost-saving measure.

Commissioner Terry Bell asked if hiring an employee could be a cost-saving measure.

“Are we not almost to the point where we can hire a janitor to put out there?” asked Bell. “It’s going to be almost $30,000 a year.”

The contract with Darron’s would be for one year – beginning in May – with an option to renew in May 2019 for a second year.

 “That’s entirely up to the committee to decide,” said Finance Department director Linda Hillis. “We are using it as a contracted service. If you do hire somebody, then they will have all the benefits that go with an employee.”

Warren County Administrative Office’s janitor makes $8.50 an hour, approximately $17,680 a year. That amount does not include benefits such as retirement, Social Security, and workman’s comp.

“We can throw out the bids, if that’s what the committee decides,” said Hillis.

Commissioner Tommy Savage voiced hesitancy, “This could be one of those deals where it’s a rotating door. You get somebody for a few months and then they leave. With a low-paying job like that, it’s hard to keep them. I know they would have benefits and it would help, but it’s hard to keep people.”

Warren County Health Department director Andrea Fox was not in attendance. Committee members tabled the discussion until she could be present.