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Warren County Jail has a sewage situation
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Warren County Jail’s sewer problems have been flushed.

“We did have issues with the sewer backing up,” said Warren County Sheriff Jackie Matheny on Tuesday. “We had three days of issues. We had three different plumbers out to work on it for three straight days in a row. We haven’t had any trouble today so I presume they fixed it last night.”
Creating the issue are inmates intentionally flushing items that are clogging the sewer system and causing it to back up into the jail.

“The plumbers pulled out bottles, underwear, indigent packages,” said Matheny. “There was a lot more than that crammed down in there.
Yesterday, they pulled out part of a broom handle. It’s overflowing because of what inmates are putting in there. If they would stop doing that, it would stop overflowing.”

Speculation in the community is the sewer problem was being ignored. 

“My son told me he saw on Facebook that we had sewer problems and won’t do anything about it,” said Matheny. “Nothing could be further from the truth. We do have problems, but the allegation that we aren’t doing anything about it isn’t true. There is no way I would let people sit back there in human waste and do nothing. We were doing the best we could.”

Matheny could give no reason why some inmates are so destructive.

“Why in the world would a person stop up their sewage?” asked Matheny. “Does that make any sense? It’s going to overflow. I just don’t understand.”

Similar sewer issues have occurred in the past and those were also attributed to inmates intentionally flushing items.