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Wakefield feeling fine after COVID vaccine
First vaccine given1.jpg
File photo: North Warren Fire Department first-responder Jerry Wakefield smiles after receiving the first COVID vaccination given in Warren County. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

As COVID-19 vaccines go into broad use, the focus turns to potential side effects.

Jerry Wakefield was the first person vaccinated in Warren County. The first of two injections was administered at Warren County Health Department on Dec. 21.

“I’m fine,” said Wakefield on Dec. 29. “I had a little soreness in my arm but you get that with every shot. That’s it. I’ve been checking my temperature daily, but no fever.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pain at the injection site, short fever, headache, fatigue and chills are potential side effects, especially after the second dose.

“I was concerned about side effects,” said Wakefield. “I’ve talked to others who have had the vaccine and none of them have had any problems either. I’m feeling pretty optimistic. My second shot is scheduled for Jan. 19.”

Wakefield is a licensed first-responder who volunteers with North Warren Fire Department.

North Warren Fire Chief Ramie Roberts was vaccinated Dec. 23.

“I also had pain at the injection site,” said Roberts. “It was nothing different than a flu shot when it comes to pain after a shot. I had a couple days of feeling fatigued.”

Was that fatigue related to the vaccine?

“I felt like it was directly related to the vaccine,” said Roberts. “Feeling fatigued isn’t something that I’m used to. After a couple days, the feeling went away. Four at North Warren received the vaccine. I’ve kept in touch with them. Others had fatigue. I think it’s related.”

Roberts’ second dose is scheduled for Jan. 20.

The vaccination is touted as a way to help protect against getting COVID-19. Both Wakefield and Roberts say they are continuing to take precautionary measures, such as hand washing, social distancing and wearing facemasks.

“This vaccine is just one more precautionary measure being made available,” said Wakefield. “You still have to follow all the precautions recommended by the CDC.”