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Voicing discontent
Healthcare package stirs concern
Lee Campbell amplifies the sound of his voice using a bullhorn during a Court Square rally Thursday to protest proposed federal healthcare changes.
With the threat of millions of people losing health insurance should one of the present congressional healthcare packages pass, a band of local activists took to Court Square to voice their opposition.“Hey, ho, Trumpcare has to go. Hey, ho, Trumpcare has to go,” Lee Campbell, chairman of the Warren County Democratic Party, shouted through a bullhorn as he and several protesters waved signs Thursday afternoon.The announcement of the proposed healthcare plan, endorsed by President Donald Trump, sent shockwaves through many who feel it will leave way too many people without coverage and that his plan is not a viable replacement for Obamacare.“If this passes, there will be 22 million more people without coverage,” Campbell said. “This is not something to we can let pass.