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Victim testifies about days held hostage
Says her captor walked around with shotgun
Zachery Turner is charged in this case.
One of three victims allegedly held hostage inside a drug house on Cherry Springs Road revealed she was not only subjected to torture but she was also raped by one of her captors.“I’m not emotionally ready to talk about it,” the woman declared from the witness stand on Thursday when asked about the alleged rape.She was testifying in the aggravated kidnapping cases against Ashley Dawn Golden, Stephanie Vanatta, Jeffery Scott Pegg and the homeowner, Zachery Turner. All were bound to the grand jury on the felony charge with the exception of Vanatta, who had her case dismissed by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke who said he found no evidence she played a role in holding the victims captive.Investigators say three people, two men and one woman, were held against their will at Turner’s residence on Cherry Springs Road in the Bratcher’s Crossroads area. It’s the same reputed drug house where Michael Cody Mills allegedly gunned down Bobby Ashburn earlier this year.The female victim testified she had traveled to the residence with friends from Lebanon and was told she could not leave once they arrived because Turner said there was meth missing from his house.“He said he needed the money or the meth,” she recalled, noting she and the other hostages were forced to make calls to try to get the money.