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USA Gym offers healthy holiday tips
USA Gym Northcutt Holiday Tips.jpg
USA Gym owner Paige Northcutt says to be consistent when starting an exercise routine. - photo by Bethany Porter

The holidays are here, and with them come platters of food and days off from work for many people.

Paige Northcutt, owner of USA Gym, has offered a few tips to maintain an exercise routine during the holidays and what to do if you happen to overdo it on Thanksgiving. Her first tip for those trying to keep up a routine is to try to stick with it, or even incorporate your family.

“You should, if you have an exercise routine, try to stay with it,” said Northcutt. “Go earlier in the morning, or maybe go as a group with your family. If it is not too freezing or raining, go outside and go for a walk. That way it keeps your digestive track moving and metabolism and stuff like that.”

With Thanksgiving approaching, a lot of people will be piling their plates that day. Northcutt says it is OK to allow one day of eating foods that are not the best, but you can also try to eat a little better before and after.

“As far as eating, it is Thanksgiving and there are all those foods out there that we usually try to avoid, but you have to allow yourself one day maybe, and let that be the day and then eat super clean Friday and Saturday to make up for it,” said Northcutt. “Or you can just limit yourself to a smaller piece of pie, not a bigger piece.”

According to Northcutt, Thanksgiving Day is a pretty busy day at her gym. 

Christmas also provides many opportunities for dieters to indulge and skip the gym. 

“With the holiday parties and stuff like that, just be smart about your eating. It is not the holidays where we gain five pounds or gain 10 pounds. I know some people have a tendency and have done that, but you just have to, if you’re going to a holiday party, eat a little smarter that day and eat a little smarter the day after,” she said.

Gyms are usually packed the first week of the New Year with people hoping to fulfill their New Year’s resolution. A lot of these people fail to stick with their goals, and Northcutt has some tips for those trying to start working out or start something new as their resolution.

“Consistency is the big key,” she said. “If someone is consistent with it, it is more likely to become part of their daily routine. It takes 21 days to break a habit or make a habit. Once it becomes a habit, your body will actually miss it a little bit if you give it up.”