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TV segment now on hold

A public TV segment called “Behind the Scenes” with host Laurence Fishburne has been placed on hold. Due to the $30,000 price tag, bids must be accepted.  

Tourism Development Board administrator Mandy Eller informed members that legal consideration by city attorney Tim Pirtle has determined the project’s cost requires bids to be accepted. 

“I had asked him if we had to bid this, if there’s some kind of clause where the city can commit to advertising or do we need to take it out for bids or do we need to utilize a joint venture with the Chamber,” said Eller. “From what I can tell from his response, there hasn’t been a bid or an RFP (request for proposals). There has to be some kind of action taken by the board.”

Tourism members previously voted to pursue the creation of a segment that would run on PBS for one year with unlimited broadcasts and is shared with all PBS affiliates. The estimated reach is 60 million households. Estimated cost is $23,600 for production and up to $3,500 for travel expenses, for a combined $27,000.

Members unanimously approved an allocation not to exceed $30,000. 

“Going out for bids will delay the process and I hope we wouldn’t lose this opportunity,” said Eller. 

Tourism Development Board member Chad McGee stated, “I thought we didn’t have to bid this out.”

“I checked with Tim and it sounded like we had to take some action,” said Eller. 

Members unanimously voted to go out for bids on the project. 

Also in attendance during the online video conference were TDB members Katie Kemezis, Christy Ross and Sarah Cantrell. 

“Just make sure that those people (the show’s producers) know that this is out there so they can bid,” said Alderman Everett Brock. 

Kemezis, “That would be bad.” 

“I’ll make sure they know,” said Eller.

Bid specifications can been found on the city of McMinnville’s website under “bid notices” and for “Tourism Marketing Tool for Public Broadcast.” The deadline to submit a proposal is May 6 by 2 p.m.