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TV segment is finished
Laurence Fishburne.jpg
Laurence Fishburne

A behind-the-scenes look at Warren County with Laurence Fishburne is complete. 

Tourism Development Board members announced the completion of a public TV segment called “Behind the Scenes” with host Laurence Fishburne. It will initially air on Fox Business Network in November.

“It will air this month through the Fox Business Network,” said TDB chair Sarah Cantrell. “It actually started Nov. 1 and will run through Nov. 30. It’s not a full-length segment. It’s a spot. It’s a tourism video. It highlights what goes on behind the scenes in McMinnville, why folks need to visit us.” 

Tourism board members contracted with producers of the show. Cost was $27,000. The documentary series, estimated to be 3-5 minutes in length, will also air on PBS for one year with unlimited broadcasts. It will be shared with all PBS affiliates. 

“Did he come here?” asked TDB member Ross Garrison in wondering if Fishburne visited McMinnville. 

Cantrell replied, “No, he didn’t. He hosts it. A filming crew came here. Different members of the board were interviewed. Different community members who own or operate our different tourism assets were interviewed. It’s a lovely video. They’re calling it a commercial.”

The segment will air during “prime time” said Cantrell, “Which is considered 6 p.m. to 11:45 p.m.” 

No exact day/ time was provided on when the segment will air so local residents can watch it. Cantrell offered to contract the show’s producers to obtain that information.