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Toy Ride rolls back into town
Toy Ride.jpg
Kicking off the 2018 Warren County Toy Ride are volunteers, from left, James Simmons, Jack Feingold, Rob Wolford and Gary Bandy.

Organizers of the 19th annual Warren County Toy Ride are starting to make noise around the community. They’ve started their donation drive in preparation for the Dec. 8 ride.

“We want people to know we’re making our rounds so don’t be alarmed if a bunch of bikers pull up,” said organizer Rob Wolford. “With this being our 19th year, I think people are used to us by now.”

Wolford founded the effort back in 1999 and says it’s been a wonderful ride.

“We are very proud to have made such a big difference in making sure all our underprivileged children here in Warren County have a very merry Christmas,” said Wolford.

The Toy Ride goal is to ensure all local children can enjoy a gift-filled Christmas. It’s for that reason Wolford says new toy donations are appreciated most of all.

“If you give us money, we’re just going to turn around and buy a toy with it so it cuts out the middle man if you give a new toy,” said Wolford.

Co-founder Jack Feingold says with so many scams going around nowadays, people are often reluctant to give money and he understands that. He says giving a new toy instead money is encouraged.

“With some organizations, only 10 cents on the dollar goes to the charity and the rest goes to administrative costs,” said Feingold. “We keep nothing and 100 percent of your donation goes to kids.”

Toy Ride volunteers will be collecting money outside Big Lots, Walmart and several Dollar General stores on Black Friday. All items from the Warren County Toy Ride are donated to the Rescue Squad for its massive toy distribution.

The Dec. 8 toy ride will depart from Plaza Shopping Center at 12 p.m. Motorcycle riders and classic car owners are encouraged to participate.