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Toy Ride makes change to route
Toy Ride- overall original.jpg
The Warren County Toy Ride is shown leaving Plaza Shopping Center during a previous event. This year’s ride is scheduled to leave Plaza on Saturday, Dec. 8, at noon.

Warren County Toy Ride will be taking a residential detour thru Westwood for its 19th year.

“The last couple of years they have made their trek out to the cemetery at Smartt Station,” said McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton. “They came back on Vervilla Road and turned right at the intersection onto Chancery heading toward Warren County Co-Op. When they get downtown, it’s been a little difficult for them – and caused us a few problems – to make a right turn onto Main Street.”

Denton outlined the problem before members of the McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen and says the solution received approval by Toy Ride organizers.

“We met with them, along with the Sheriff’s Department and we would rather them come from Vervilla and go straight thru Westwood,” Denton said. “It will be loud, because they are expecting about 100 bikes, but it would be better from our perspective. With the board’s approval, event organizers are OK with taking Morrison Street and not Chancery. The Sheriff’s Department leads it and we catch the intersections for them. They were OK with the change.”

Prompting the discussion was a written request from ride organizer Wayne Wolford, who requested the city’s assistance.

“On behalf of the entire Toy Ride staff, I would like to take this time to thank you for the continuous help and support for the last 18 years in making our Toy Ride one of the most successful Toy Rides in the state of Tennessee,” said Wolford. “Without your support, it would not have been possible.”

Warren County Toy Ride, scheduled for Dec. 8 at noon, is a Christmas fundraiser for needy children in the community. All toys and money are donated to the Rescue Squad for its annual Toy Drive.

“We’d rather have a new toy than money,” said Wolford. “If they give us money, we’re just going to go buy a toy with it so it eliminates a step for us if they buy the toy already. Anyone is welcome to participate in the ride, regardless of whether they have a motorcycle.”

Board members unanimously approved the event, as well as the route change.