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Toy Ride dresses for success
Be careful what you wish for. Toy Ride participants raised over $2,000 to get Rob Wolford, left, and Bear Hobbs to wear dresses on Saturday.

"How hard is it to find a dress to fit a 350-pound man?
Ask Rob Wolford, who dove into the plus section of a local retailer and came out with an outfit for the occasion.

“I opened my big mouth and said if they’d raise $1,000 the day of the Toy Ride, I’d wear a dress,” Wolford said of the 18th annual Warren County Toy Ride held this past Saturday. “The day of the ride, I told them if they raised $2,000, then Bear Hobbs would wear a dress and ride beside me. They not only raised $1,000 but they went way past that and raised $6,000 on that day alone. Do you know how hard it is to pick out a dress to fit a 350-pound man?”
Scores of bikers braved the December chill to participate in the event Saturday at high noon, taking off from Plaza Shopping Center and parading down Chancery Street and traveling through downtown before arriving at the VFW on Sparta Street. The event is held annually to raise money and buy gifts to help underserved children in the community.

“We used to go to other places and help out but we decided we had kids here in our town that needed to be taken care of,” Wolford said. “So, in 1999, a bunch of us got together and started this.”

Wolford noted that 100 percent of the proceeds are spent on presents that are then given to the Rescue Squad to distribute before Christmas. This year’s distribution day is Saturday, Dec. 23."