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Tourism Development Board selected
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McMinnville Tourism Development Board has its inaugural members.
The Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved Matt Sands, Michael Griffith, John Partin, Christi Ross and Katie Kemezis to be directors of the newly established Tourism Development Board. Standing members will be the mayor and the Warren County Chamber president. Those individuals are Jimmy Haley and Mandy Eller, respectively
The five-person list was presented by Haley.
“I received nominations from the public,” said Haley. “These were nominated by board members. I’ve interviewed each one of them. Each of them is willing to serve.”
Vice Mayor Ben Newman made a motion to approve the list.
Legal counsel recommended a different course of action.
“As a point of order, they need to be nominated individually and voted on individually,” said attorney Tim Pirtle.
Each individual was nominated and unanimously approved. They will serve staggered three-year terms. Sands and Ross were selected to serve initial one-year terms in order to establish the rotation.
The board will work much like the Industrial Development Board. However, its focus will be on encouraging tourism growth.