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Top Ten Story Number 4
Local Driver Testing Center saga concludes
The Driver Testing Center on Vervilla Road reopened Oct. 17. Austin McCoy gets assistance from examiner Darrell Gribble on the reopening day.
Making it into the Standard’s Top 10 news stories for the second year in a row was the ongoing saga of the Driver Testing Center – will it stay or will it go?During 2016, the facility was closed by the state in May and reopened in October. The temporary closure was touted by the state as a cost-saving measure of $5,000 a month in rent, while its opening was a $4,000 expenditure split by Warren County government and McMinnville city government to give the state time to restore funding. The state’s decision to close McMinnville’s Driver Testing Center came in 2015.Voicing their stance against the closure, both Warren County commissioners and McMinnville officials passed similar resolutions opposing the closure and encouraging the state to reconsider its decision.