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Tire iron attack costs Oyugi thousands
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An angry ex-boyfriend has been granted probation and ordered to make thousands of dollars in restitution after he burst into his ex’s home and attacked her male visitor with a tire iron.

The defendant, Felix J. Oyugi, 33, of Unionville entered guilty pleas before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to charges of vandalism and assault. He was placed on probation for an 11-month, 29-day period and directed to make $2,860 restitution to the victim. He was also warned to stay away from the victim. Oyugi had faced three to six years in prison for felony assault charge but it was dropped to misdemeanor assault as part of his plea bargain.

Deputy Evan Cooper reported Oyugi showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s home on Spencer
Highway while there was a male guest there.

“They noticed a flashlight shining in the window,” the deputy revealed, noting she opened the door and her ex pushed his way inside. “He had a tire iron in his hand and began striking the victim in the head and back.”

Oyugi continued swinging the tire iron even after the victim was off his feet and on the floor. The woman attempted to intervene but was also struck. However, in that moment, the male victim was able to get up and make a dash for his car. Oyugi reportedly gave chase, grabbing a shotgun from inside his ex-girlfriend’s door.

“As the victim was backing out of the driveway, Felix busted the passenger-side window out of the car with the shotgun,” the deputy reported.

While the evidence seems overwhelming against Oyugi, District Attorney General Lisa Zavogiannis said the case began to unravel once it reached a courtroom. She said the victim and his female companion both admitted to using meth the night in question and said their recollection of events wasn’t clear.

Considering their statements, Zavogiannis said she was pleased to get Oyugi to agree to make restitution and get him on probation for one year.