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Tire disposal cost may rise
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The cost to dispose of tires in Warren County may be inflating.

Warren County Sanitation Department director Josh Roberts asked county commissioners at the county’s Health and Welfare Committee meeting Tuesday night to consider raising the cost to dispose of tires. 

Roberts says other counties have raised their price of tire disposal and Warren County is currently “eating it.” Currently the price to dispose of passenger tires and semi tires is $1. Coffee County raised its prices to $2 for passenger tires and $3 for semis. 

“Across the board, my passengers and my semis are $1. For instance, I have a load here that was sent to Liberty and cost $12,076 and if you do a dollar a tire and I had about 700 tires on that load so the county ate about $576,” said Roberts. “We are going to have to look into raising that a little bit. That is this committee’s choice. So if it is something y’all want to look at doing I would recommend doing that.”

Roberts also said that many local businesses will dispose of their tires in the county for $1 opposed to paying $1.35 fee. 

“This does not pertain to any business that is registered with the state, said Roberts. “Any business that is registered with the state, the state is going to reimburse them. This is only going to pertain to these small businesses that are probably charging a disposal fee. I know a few businesses here in the county that do it. I’m not going to call any names, but we have one that hauls to us and she has said before that it is cheaper to haul to the county.”

“I’m OK, myself, right now to make a motion that we raise it to $1.50 and $2 for semi tires and we can pass it on to Budget and Finance for review,” said Commissioner Blaine Wilcher.

“That’s a good start,” said Roberts. “I would like to give at least a two months’ notice. Coffee County I think passed it in June and it went into effect in August and they didn’t have any issues and nobody threw tires out on the roads.”

“You were saying that some small businesses here were bringing them to you for $1 instead of the disposal fee of $1.35?” asked Commissioner Kasey Owens. “I’m just wondering how bad it is going to hurt small businesses.”

“I think we about have to look at it from a business standpoint. The county is going in the hole and the county taxpayer is paying for business,” said Roberts. “We give 10 free a year to Warren County citizens, so I would recommend keeping that. They are taxpayers and we keep up with that. Any time they come in we document that and it runs year to year.”

Owens then asked Wilcher how he came up with the new price of $1.50.

“Well, I am just trying to not shock everybody. I mean if you jump up to $2 or $3 I think that would be a harder push than raising it 50 cents and $1 for the semis. It will get us close to Coffee County but still under,” said Wilcher. 

The motion to raise the price of tire disposal passed and will be heading to the Budget and Finance Committee for review.