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Three-vehicle crash
Korner Market wreck.jpg
A Warren County EMS vehicle driven by Daniel Scruggs, left, was collected in a three-vehicle accident Friday morning on the bypass when it was hit by an SUV pulling a trailer driven by Timothy Joe Golliher of Winchester.

An elderly woman triggered a three-vehicle crash on the bypass Friday morning when she reportedly ran a red light and hit an SUV pulling a trailer.

McMinnville resident Shirley Buckner is said to have caused the 8:22 a.m. crash that left the two eastbound lanes of the bypass in front of Korner Market closed for about an hour.

Buckner was the most seriously injured in the accident. She was treated at Saint Thomas River Park and also cited for running a red light.

According to McMinnville police officer Brad Hall, Buckner was traveling north on Mullican Street and had just passed Korner Market when she ran the red light. In doing so, she crashed into an SUV driven by Winchester resident Timothy Joe Golliher, who was pulling a trailer. Golliher was on the bypass heading toward the mall.

The impact sent Golliher’s vehicle across the bypass where it smashed a Warren County EMS vehicle driven by McMinnville resident Daniel Scruggs. Scruggs was waiting in the turn lane to turn left onto Mullican Street.

Emergency responders used the Jaws of Life to remove the crumpled driver’s side door to Buckner’s white Lexus so she could be removed from the car. The other two drivers were not injured.