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Threats received by Morrison board
Threatening Letters.jpg
Morrison Mayor Sue Anderson informed everyone Monday night about the threatening letters that were sent to the board members and to the representatives of McNeilus Steel. - photo by Bethany Porter

According to Morrison Mayor Sue Anderson, threatening letters have been sent to Morrison officials as well as to McNeilus Steel representatives. 

After voting to approve the rezoning of land from agricultural to industrial Monday night, Anderson welcomed the company to Morrison and said they have received several threatening letters. 

“I would like to say a little bit about what has gone on in the past. We have received several letters. Just about everyone on the board has got a letter. Some of the letters were threatening talking about how we had blood on our hands and somebody has died that we had nothing to do with. We were told that we were hated by everyone in the community. We were told that we would have eggs thrown at us when we walk down the street. We were told nobody would speak to us. It is a rare few people who have said that, one person in general who sent the letters,” said Anderson. 

She said one person even sent a letter to McNeilus Steel requesting they do certain things to their building. 

“Another gentlemen sent some letters to McNeilus Steel and some of the things that was requested in that was walls being built, wanted certain restrictions on equipment inside the facility, wanted insulation on the walls, wanted the plant to supply a fire engine. I want you to know that I told them that I expected nothing from them. We have not received anything and I don’t expect anything,” said Anderson. 

 Anderson explained that McNeilus Steel can get involved in the community if they want to, but they do not have to. She said she was very disappointed in the people who sent the letters and said that is not how they do things in Morrison. Apparently one letter requested compensation from McNeilus because the company will affect their property. 

“I was very disappointed when this letter went out. It said there were seven properties that would be affected and they expected revenue from McNeilus Steel. I thought that was kind of threat like if you do this for me I’ll take care of you. That ain’t the way we work here in Morrison. I’m sorry. So I wanted people to know about that,” she said.