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Teen, 19, attacks parents
Jaycob Tanner Hendren.jpg

A Warren County teen has been hit with aggravated assault charges after reportedly attacking his parents with a broken broom stick and hitting his mother with a screwdriver.

Jaycob Tanner Hendren, 19, has been booked on charges of domestic assault, aggravated assault, evading arrest on foot, and preventing 911 calls. The incident in question reportedly happened last Thursday and Hendren was arraigned by Judge Bill Locke in General Sessions Court on Tuesday.

According to arrest warrants, officers were dispatched to his family home on Shellsford Road last Thursday. Deputies were told Hendren became enraged when his parents woke him from bed at 3 p.m.

Hendren allegedly grabbed a broken broom stick handle and began swinging it at his parents throughout the house. He just missed his father who was recovering from brain surgery, the warrant says.

“Jaycob took both the parents’ cellphones away so they could not contact 911 and went outside to try to hotwire Ms. Hendren’s car,” the arrest warrant says.

His mother came outside to try and pull her son out of her vehicle and he reportedly attacked her again.

“Ms. Hendren stated she went outside to the car and tried to pull her son out of the car and he turned and struck her in the face with the screwdriver he had in his hand,” the arrest warrant states. “Jaycob then went in the house locking the parents out of their house.”

The teen reportedly left the house when officers arrived and fled into the woods, still in possession of his parents’ cellphones.

In addition to charges stemming from this violent incident, Jaycob Hendren faces five shoplifting charges for stealing from local stores in a spree that reportedly started in July and lasted until September of 2020. The local stores include Walmart and Dollar General.