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TDB extends deadline for director search
Sarah Cantrell color.jpg
Sarah Cantrell

McMinnville’s Tourism Development Board has again pushed back the deadline in its search for an administrator.

TDB members met in July and, at that time, had received zero interest in a request for proposals (RFP) for an administrator. The decision was then made to push back the deadline and allow more time and additional advertising.

When the group met Monday, Sept. 13, one applicant was received. 

“We did receive one applicant,” said TDB chair Sarah Cantrell. “We can leave it unopened and extend the deadline or we can open it, which officially closes this application window, and discuss if this is the one we want. If we decide to reject this offer, we have to begin again.”

Cantrell stated she has not opened the sealed envelop and does not know the name of the person or company who applied. 

“I don’t want to keep extending this,” said Keval Sheth. “This is probably our last shot at it.” 

TDB members unanimously approved extending the deadline to Nov. 5 and widening its advertising efforts using the Department of Tourism. McMinnville’s HR administrator department will contact the sole bidder about the extension. 

The position is contract labor and a bid limit of $30,000 has been placed.