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Tax increase to be considered Tuesday night
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Steve Harvey

The McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen will be considering a revised consolidated budget for fiscal year 2019-20 when it meets Aug. 27. This one includes a property tax increase. 

Since the board met almost two weeks ago on Aug. 13 and initially approved a budget without a property tax increase, departmental committees have reconvened and made approximately $900,000 in cuts. Also, added to the revised budget will be a 12.95-cent increase for an even property tax rate of $2.21.

Finance Committee members Aldermen Everett Brock and Steve Harvey met on Aug. 22 Thursday of last week to consider and approve the cuts. Alderman Ryle Chastain was absent. 

Unanimously approved were the following reductions:

• McMinnville Police Department $211,240

• McMinnville Fire Department $32,500

• Community Development Department $15,700

• McMinnville Public Works Department $485,700

• Parks and Recreation Department $131,000

• Park Theater $16,450

• Urban Forestry $6,300

The committee’s agenda also stated “set tax rate.” One originally set on Aug. 8 was not added to the budget. During that previous meeting, a motion to increase rate passed 2-1. Chastain and Brock voted in favor, while Harvey voted against.  

“Do we need to approve the property tax rate again,” questioned Harvey. 

Brock stated, “I don’t think we have to vote on it again. The board can change it if they want to.”

A second vote would end in a tie with the absence of Chastain, an inevitable outcome that was discussed. 

“I’m still not in favor of it,” said Harvey. 

The increase would generate approximately $260,000 annually in revenue for city government and increase the yearly property taxes of a $100,000 home by $32.50.

A public hearing has been set for 6:45 p.m. in the Community Room at Warren County Chamber of Commerce. Public comments can be made at that time. The Regular Session of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen begins at 7 p.m.