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Swallows sheds light on anti-COVID tunnel
Anti-COVID entry tunnels.jpg
Pictured is an anti-COVID tunnel that's being donated to the Warren County School System. Director of Schools Grant Swallows has clarified that no student will be required to walk through the tunnel.

Since the announcement of the anti-COVID entry tunnel donation to Warren County High School, there have been many questions and concerns raised by students and parents. 

The Student Advisory Committee asked Director of Schools Dr. Grant Swallows if he could provide more information about the tunnel coming to the high school at the School Board meeting Monday night.

“Basically what they are is where you walk into this tunnel there’s a handwashing station and a place to check your temperature and as you continue to walk through the tunnel you are being disinfected with a spray, which scares people to death,” said Swallows. “They ask me all the time about that. It is ozone water, and Mr. Biles has said that the ozone water is completely safe. And now, I will tell you, that before we put students through it, we will make sure that it is completely safe. It is also not something we are going to require people to do.”

According to Biotek Environmental Science Group, when ozone is added to water, it quickly dissolves contaminants without changing the composition of water and does not add an odor or taste. The organization reports the ozonation method is very effective in killing bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that contaminate water and lead to cancers and other illnesses. 

Since the anti-COVID entry tunnel is not going to be mandatory, school officials are placing it in the weight facility and will be available for whoever wishes to use it. 

“That is the reason we are putting it into the weight facility and in any setting we feel like it could be used or wants to be used, we will be happy to do that,” said Swallows. “I talked to a parent on Friday and as soon as they heard it was not going to be required they were totally fine. So, we will never put students in harm’s way, I can promise you that, intentionally put students in harm’s way.”

Swallows expressed that he did not want anyone to be uncomfortable with the tunnel, but at the same time is appreciative of the donation and says more information will be put out about the anti-COVID entry tunnel at the school.

“I will get that information out there. It is a $25,000 donation. It is a pretty big deal, but at the same time we don’t want anybody to be uncomfortable with it,” said Swallows.