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Substitutes could get pay raise
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Substitute teacher pay, along with a brief review of Kelly Services, has been a topic of School Board discussion.

Kelly Services staffs about 40 substitutes a day in Warren County, meaning the county uses almost 7,000 substitutes a year.

“It’s been awhile since subs have gotten a raise,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “We pay Kelly Services $72 per day, or $9.59 per hour, who in turn pays the substitutes at the Kelly Services rate so the sub takes home about $54.”
Asked School Board member James Bennet, “So if the sub works all week, they take home $270 for a week’s work? Is that before or after taxes?”

“That’s before,” said Cox.

Asked Bennet, “So Kelly gets the difference?”

“My big problem with Kelly Services is they were insisting during contract negotiation they would get a fixed percentage of whatever rate we agreed on”, interjected School Board member Bill Zechman. “The problem with that is their only increased cost is for the employee tax.

Everything else is a fixed cost and that’s what really bothers me.”

After checking with other directors, Cox shared with the School Board that DeKalb County is paying certified subs $63 a day and noncertified subs $58, while White County pays certified subs $80 and noncertified subs $65.

The School Board deliberated and said it would like to increase substitute pay to $60, which is a $5 increase per day. This increase would cost about $20,000 a year in the bill rate paid by the school system.

Cox, who meets with Kelly Services monthly, said the company is extremely responsive and provides him with any information he requests. He said Kelly Services has a substitute teacher pool of 116. According to last month’s report, there were 644 opportunities to fill and Kelly Services filled 99 percent of them.

Kelly Services will be at the next School Board meeting.