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Students speak to school board
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Pictured is Ashlynn Reagan, left, and Chalee Womack with the WCHS Student Advisory Committee. Student Advisory presented some of the changes that will coming or have already made their way to the high school to the school board. - photo by Taylor Moore

The Warren County High School Student Advisory Committee met with the school board to present some improvements coming to the high school that were discussed with Principal Chris Hobbs and Director of Schools Grant Swallows.

Ashlyn Reagan and Chalee Womack told the board of many new additions to the school. One improvement included a BoxLight device which would allow Hobbs to send notifications out to devices throughout the school. Womack told the board, “A BoxLight device will be stationed in the cafeteria with scrolling announcements and information for the student body.” 

She continued reporting improvements by mentioning that new equipment will be obtained for the auditorium. “New lighting, sound system, spotlights, Bluetooth and wireless are coming soon,” she said. An idea they called “BrainBreaks” is also in development that would reward students for reaching goals and meeting expectations via games and activities.

Along with these improvements, Student Advisory also said that WCHS students would have the opportunity to vote on improvements they see fit for the school. This would include cafeteria improvements, outdoor classrooms, and more auditorium improvements. Womack said, “He (Mr. Hobbs) wants our opinion on what needs the most help right now.”

School board member Bill Zechman asked what improvements to the cafeteria were their biggest concerns. Womack answered, “We don’t have enough seating at the moment because we have so many kids in there at one time. So I think Mr. Hobbs was looking at what we can do with the space that we have.”

Swallows said, “That’s undergone fairly recent renovations, so it’s not that there’s not been an attempt to make it a little better. We’re just very limited in our space. Ultimately, the cafeteria probably wasn’t built big enough, and we probably need to look at that in the future.” He said that the students are right and the conversation is worth having.

Reagan mentioned other ways the students can be involved with the school saying, “Members are excited to report that the student body will have the opportunity to share ideas and input as to the courses offered at WCHS.” She continued the report by voicing the committee’s concerns for students who aren’t comfortable going to guidance or principals directly for issues they’re experiencing.

Ideas have been discussed about how to combat this issue and ease the barrier between students and principals. A Student Advisory email and a suggestion box were mentioned as possible solutions.

The last point of the report was about the OnToCollege program where Swallows added, “OnTo College is a new ACT Prep. Curriculum that we’re implementing, and they’re doing that through advisory.” The SafeSchools program is also being implemented.

School board chair Tommy Culwell asked the Student Advisory representatives, “How would you rate the overall atmosphere and the environment at the high school now?” Reagan answered, “Everybody’s very focused on getting school done.”

Womack added, “I think with the new activities we have, everybody’s excited to go to school, I think. With the pep rally we had today, Mr. Hobbs got us all screaming, and everybody wanted to participate.” She and Reagan agreed that the freshman class was louder than normal.