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Students add art to teacher's apparel
Hannah Randolph.jpg
WCMS sixth-grade teacher Hannah Randolph wears a dress on Tuesday that was colored by her students the day before.

It’s not often a teacher will let her own dress become an art project for her students.

Warren County Middle School sixth-grade ELA teacher Hannah Randolph decided to give it a try, buying a white dress and letting her students make designs on it Monday.

On Tuesday, Randolph wore the dress to school for the last day, much to the delight of her students.

“My sixth-graders love to draw and they draw on their own clothes,” said Randolph. “I thought this would be a neat tradition to start and give me something to look back on over the years. And it would give the students something to remember too. I know I still remember some of the things my teachers did. This will allow students to remember the wacky teacher that let them draw on her dress.”

Randolph is finishing her second year at WCMS, but says this is really her first true last day of school as a teacher. Last year, COVID canceled the end of in-person school with students not returning after spring break.

“I’m super sentimental so this is something I want to do to help me remember each class,” said Randolph. “When they saw it, the kids asked me if I would wear it to school next year on the first day so the new kids could see how cool they were. So I think I may start a tradition to wear it on the last day of school and again on the first day the following year.”

She said about 30 students put a design on the dress with some spending time for a more elaborate drawing, while others opted for something quick.

Randolph said she will mix it up and probably get white overalls to decorate next year for the last day of school.