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Storm rips through county
Storm damage house
A tree fell and hit the roof of this house on Sioux Trail in Westwood.

Trees were toppled throughout the county after a high-wind storm pounded the area early Saturday morning.

Road Superintendent Levie Glenn said two crews began working around 4 a.m. Saturday to clear fallen trees from across roads.

“There were several locations all over the county where there were trees blocking the road,” said Glenn. “We first try to concentrate on roads where there’s only one way out. There was a group that spent the night at Cumberland Caverns and they couldn’t get out because a tree had fallen across the road up there. We try to get to those places first.”

Glenn said the Highway Department responded to calls all over Warren County from Dibrell to Irving College. Calls continued to be heard over the scanner for most of Saturday morning to clear trees which blocked, or partially blocked, roadways.

“Some residents helped us out with some of the smaller trees,” said Glenn. “Our focus at this stage was getting the trees off the road. We’ll come back and pick up the brush that’s piled up later on if people are concerned about it being in their yard.”

In the city, McMinnville Public Works assistant director Brad Hennessee said crews cleared trees across Westwood 6th Avenue and Myers Lane. A tree limb fell and hit the side of a house in the Westwood area on Sioux Trail.