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Storm pounds Irving College
EF-1 leaves behind trail of destruction
Margaret Hobbs photos-The historic home of Twan Majors on Dry Creek Road suffered significant damage from a large tree in their yard. Some family members were home at the time. There was also barn and outbuilding damage on the property.
Parts of Irving College resembled a war zone after a tornado ripped through the rural community Wednesday, the twister inflicting massive damage in just a few terrifying seconds, leaving many happy to be alive.“Preliminary results are that it was an EF-1 tornado,” said E-911 director Chuck Haston, who accompanied Emergency Management agents on their survey of the damage Thursday. An EF-1 (Enhanced Fujita Scale used for rating the strength of tornados) encompasses tornadoes that have winds between 73 and 112 mph.One woman was slightly injured when the mobile home where she was living was picked up by the tornado, the trailer disintegrating as it was swept several yards. The trailer’s contents were scattered over a wide area.Jayme Harvey, who was inside the trailer shortly after 5 p.m., says she was standing in her bedroom when she felt the home lift and roll.“It kept rolling and rolling and when it stopped over there I was under some stuff and I pulled myself out,” Harvey said, “I have a lot of cuts, but right now I don’t feel anything.