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Stay safe this winter, prevent a fire
These fire-prevention tips will help keep you safe
No one was injured in this December house fire in the Short Mountain area, but the home was a complete loss. Vanderbilt University Medical Center says it has seen a rise in patients due to fires in recent weeks.
Vanderbilt University Medical Center has seen multiple admissions and a few tragic deaths due to fire and smoke inhalation injuries in recent weeks.Physicians and safety experts with the Vanderbilt Regional Burn Center and Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt say they treat more burn patients during cold-weather months. The home is where these fires are most likely to occur, they say.“Home is the place where you feel safest but is also where you are most likely to die in a fire,” said Vanderbilt representative Purnima Unni. “Eighty-seven percent of all fire-related deaths are due to home fires, which spread rapidly and can leave families with as little as two minutes to escape once an alarm sounds.”