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Stanley to retire as county attorney
Larry Stanley is retiring as county attorney on Aug. 31. Stanley began serving when Bud Barnes was county executive from 1966-74.

Larry Stanley has been an attorney for 51 years and has served under every county executive since Bud Barnes. At the end of the month, Stanley is retiring as attorney for Warren County government.

“My plans for the future are to do what I want, which is probably a lot of nothing,” chuckled Stanley. “I’ll still be practicing law though.”

When asked about his most memorable moments, he reflected on the time Robert Bonner was shot and killed by a disgruntled client, J.B. McCord.

“Robert had represented him and lost in court and we warned him that the man was crazy,” said Stanley. “After the man shot and killed Robert in his law office, they handed me a notice that I had two days to prepare before we went to federal court in Greenville.”

In another memorable case, Stanley explained a contempt order was served because the Warren County Commission hadn’t done anything about its overcrowded jail, but he was able to get the county a six-month extension before the county got the money to start building the new jail back in the early 2000s.

Replacing Stanley as county attorney could be his partner, Robert Bratcher, who Stanley said will do a great job if he is appointed.

“I am confident in his capabilities,” said Stanley. “He has been my assistant for five years so he knows what to do.”

The decision for selecting the next county attorney will officially be left to County Executive-elect Jimmy Haley when he takes office Sept. 1.

Per Warren County budget numbers, the county attorney earns a base salary of $72,000 a year.