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Smith Terrace nears completion
Smith Terrace.jpg
Duplexes at Smith Terrace in Newtown are expected to be ready for residents next month.

The long-anticipated Smith Terrace duplexes will be ready to move into soon. 

The groundbreaking on these duplexes happened in August 2020 and since then much work has been done on the property. McMinnville Housing Authority executive director Patricia Basham says the duplexes are almost finished and she is very excited and proud of the progress. 

“They really are, you know, pretty much done,” said Basham. “There is some outside stuff that just cannot be finished until the ground dries out and snow is harder than rain for that, but we have just a few little things. I called about the garbage cans today and we are fixing to start notifying the people who are highest on the waiting list to work out move-in dates.”

The application process has already taken place and Housing Authority officials are planning to notify the eight applicants at the top of the waiting list in the next week. The duplexes were originally scheduled to be completed in June of 2021, but the weather and other issues played a factor in the delay. If everything works out, the units should be ready by the end of next month.

“We have all expectations of having every unit ready by the end of February,” said Basham. “They really are very pretty and we are really proud of them. It has kind of been a struggle and the weather hasn’t cooperated a whole lot, but we have just a few little punch list items we are getting finished. Like I said, we are going to start notifying people and as quick as they are able to move in we will get them ready.”

Smith Terrace is a development of affordable elderly homes located near the corner of New Nashville Highway and Spring Valley Road in Newtown. They are named in honor of Charles L. Smith who is a World War II veteran and was previously commissioner of the McMinnville Housing Authority board from its inception in 1958 until he retired in 2016. Smith served as commissioner without pay for 58 years.