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Sleepy man charged after meth bag found
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Narcotics charges have been lodged against a man police found passed out on a bench with a bag of meth in his pocket.
The man, Jeremy W. Cox, 29, was charged with possession of methamphetamine after McMinnville Police Lt. Ben Cantrell found him slumped over a bench outside of Cleaner’s Express on North Chancery Street.
“He was very difficult to wake up,” the lieutenant revealed, noting he could not bring the suspect around for any amount of time. “He repeatedly fell back to sleep while speaking and could not answer questions of where he was or what day it was.”
Cantrell said he determined Cox to be a danger to himself due to his intoxicated state and placed him under arrest for public intoxication. It was at that point the officer found drugs.
“A search of his person incident to arrest revealed a bag of crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine inside his wallet,” Cantrell said.