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Shields guilty of kidnapping
Donald Lee Shields Jr. is led from the courtroom by Phillip Tank Young on Friday afternoon. Shields was convicted by a jury on three counts of especially aggravated kidnapping, one count of false imprisonment, and one count of attempted aggravated assault.

Two days of emotional testimony from his victims produced a guilty verdict against Donald Lee Shields Jr. on Friday afternoon, leaving him facing 25 years in prison for especially aggravated kidnapping.

Shields is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 26 for his role in holding four people hostage at a home on Cherry Springs Road in the Centertown area. The victims were kicked, threatened at gunpoint, and one was tied and hooked to the back of a pickup at one point.

For his defense, Shields maintained he was at the home periodically, but was not an active part of the kidnapping. He said he came and left during the three-day hostage situation and claimed the victims were free to leave too.

The jury didn’t buy that version of events and returned a verdict that agreed with the case presented by prosecutor Matt Colvard.

Shields is one of four people charged with especially aggravated kidnapping in the case. His three co-defendents, Zachery Turner, Ashley Dawn Golden, and Jeffery Scott Pegg, have not had their cases settled yet.

According to evidence, the four kidnapping victims showed up at a residence on Cherry Springs Road to buy meth. The drug deal was complete and the victims were preparing to leave when the alleged drug dealer, Zachery Turner, reportedly lost the rest of his stash and believed it was stolen by the visitors.

“Zachery Turner came out saying he was missing 20 grams of methamphetamine and made all of them come inside,” said Sheriff’s Department investigator Jody Cavanaugh in his report.

Turner told them they could not leave until they returned his meth or gave him $2,000 to pay for it. He then took their cellphones. The victims say they were held against their will from Aug. 9 to Aug. 11.

“During that time they were hit, kicked, and held at gunpoint,” Cavanaugh said.

A female victim testified about having her legs tied up and hooked to the back of a truck while being threatened she was going to be dragged down the road. Shields was said to be the one in the driver’s seat during that ordeal. Shields contended he put the vehicle in park and refused to drive.

The victims were eventually able to escape and sought help nearby.