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Sheriff's office works many wrecks
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Sheriff Tommy Myers says Warren County is highly recognized by the Tennessee Highway Patrol due to their wreck coverage.

At the county’s Safety and Beer Board Committee meeting, Myers gave the Sheriff Department’s monthly report and told commissioners Warren County is recognized highly on a state level with THP because they work nearly double the amount of wrecks as other surrounding counties.

“On a state level, they recognize Warren County highly because of all the wrecks we have worked. We cover a lot of wrecks for THP because they have been spread thin. We have been doing that for years because we work really almost twice the wrecks as any other county around Middle Tennessee,” said Myers.

Warren County officers can be a big help to state troopers who may be further away from the wrecks. 

“My thoughts on that are my officers are already there on call anyway and if a trooper is working Warren County and is on the far side of Cannon County, White County, or whatever, it could take them 45 minutes to get to that wreck. Our officer can have it worked in 20 minutes and be back 10-8,” said Myers.

“Especially if it is nothing severe needing THP with severe injuries or possible death,” added Commissioner Ron Lee.

“We ask them to work those that is correct. Fatalities,” said Myers.

“It makes a good working relationship with THP,” said Lee.

“Yes it does,” said Myers.