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She crawled out through the bathroom window
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A woman is in jail after she lied to police about her name and then fled apprehension by crawling out a bathroom window.The woman, Mary Tiffany Nunley, 35, has been ordered to serve the balance of her probation and was given another 11-month, 29-day probationary sentence for criminal impersonation and evading arrest.Her probation was violated after police arrived to answer a call at her Pinecrest Street residence. “I asked her what her name was and she said her name was Kayla Bowdoin,” revealed McMinnville policeman Brad Hall, noting he then looked her up on the criminal justice computer portal to confirm her claim. “She was not Kayla Bowdoin.”By the time the officer returned to the residence, the suspect had already sought refuge inside a bathroom.“She had gone into the bathroom and locked the door,” Hall said, noting he and a fellow officer were able to open the door a short time later.