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Several injured in Dibrell crash
Jerry Bost was driving this dumptruck on Smithville Highway and heading toward McMinnville when a minivan reportedly pulled into his path Thursday afternoon.

Five people were injured Thursday afternoon when a minivan was struck by a dumptruck in Dibrell.
The driver of the dumptruck, Jerry Bost, was among the injured and was taken to St. Thomas River Park Hospital for treatment of noncritical injuries.
According to Highway Patrolman Kyle Herren, Bost was heading southbound (toward McMinnville) on Highway 56 around 2:30 p.m. when his loaded 1999 Mack dumptruck came upon a Toyota van which pulled into his path at the Green Hill Road intersection.
The trooper said the van, driven by Aras Al Obaidi of Smyrna, failed to yield the right of way when it pulled across the highway from a stop sign. Obaidi was cited for failure to yield. His minivan contained three passengers who were not identified.
 The two vehicles collided in a glancing blow, with the van careening over an embankment, coming to rest on its side. The dumptruck overturned in the road, dumping its load of sand and rock onto the Smithville Highway pavement.
Traffic was temporarily diverted as the debris was cleared from the highway while the injured were assessed by emergency responders. All were treated for noncritical injures at St. Thomas River Park.