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SEC athletes honor local teachers
Kevin Dunlap.jpg
Kevin Dunlap
Regina Matheney pic.jpg
Regina Matheney

The SEC and College Football Playoffs are honoring two Warren County High School faculty members as a part of their Extra Yard for Teachers initiative.

Regina Matheney was nominated by Vanderbilt Commodore C.J. Taylor and Kevin Dunlap was nominated by Tennessee Volunteer K’Rojhn Calbert for being great influences in their lives. Both teachers will be featured on SEC Nation on the SEC Network before games on Saturday game days.

Choosing Dunlap was easy for Calbert.

“I remember like it was yesterday. I was in eighth grade waiting to go to high school but before that I met a guy named Kevin Dunlap. He is a great role model and has been for many years. I had the opportunity to have him in class for U.S. History,” said Calbert. 

Calbert says Dunlap would take a group of boys from the basketball team to go watch a Tennessee basketball game every year. He was lucky enough to go his eighth grade year and got to go to the senior night basketball game against Mizzou. It was the first college basketball game he had ever been to. They were able to go on the court after the game and speak with coach Cuonzo Martin.

“When we left that day, I remember having a feeling in my stomach I’ve never felt before until then. I remember making a post on Instagram saying I don’t know which sport I’ll end up playing, but I hope I either one day get a scholarship to play basketball or football,” said Calbert. “Mr. Dunlap impacted my life by being a person I can lean on and always treated me and my family with respect. I appreciate everything he’s done for me.”

Selecting Matheney was also an easy choice for Taylor.

“I chose Mrs. Matheney because she was the one teacher that always listened to me. My brother passed away when I was younger and I never felt comfortable talking to teachers about it but she was there and she taught my brother as well so I instantly grew to trust her and be able to let my guard down with her,” said Taylor.

Matheney also helped Taylor choose a university and told him to make a list about what was good about each school. 

“When I made the decision she was thrilled and excited for me and I had to write an essay for the acceptance office at the university and she opened her skills of teaching once again and told me what I should talk about and it was an easy subject, but it was a tough subject at the same time because I talked about my brother. So yes, that is the reason that I chose her she is the best teacher I’ve been around. She knows how to relate to students and that’s a true gift,” said Taylor. 

Extra Yard for Teachers Week begins Sept. 10. Throughout this week, the college football community will be going out of its way to let teachers know they are valued.