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Search for missing man enters second month

The search continues for a Warren County man who was last seen in November and is feared dead. With no contact since that time, at least one family member doubts the disappearance will end in a happy reunion.

Missing is Richard McCormick, whose family and friends call him Rick or Ricky. The 51-yearold was last seen Nov. 21.

“Someone knows something,” said his uncle, Jimmy McCormick, who sat down with the Standard on Thursday. “I’m begging you. Please put an end to this. We’ve suffered long enough. All we want is to bring Ricky home and give him a proper funeral. This has been heartbreaking. It’s Christmas.”

McCormick hasn’t been heard from by any of his family members in over a month.

“Ricky went missing on the 21st of November,” said Jimmy. “We knew almost immediately that something was wrong. He’s in contact with someone in the family almost daily. At most, he’ll miss a day here and there. It’s not like him to do something like this. He wouldn’t do something like this.”

McCormick hasn’t been able to be reached by cellphone and has not posted on Facebook.

“We began calling his cellphone the next day, Nov. 22, and nothing. It was turned off,” said Jimmy. “He was never without it and never turned it off. There has been no activity on his Facebook page.”

Warren County Sheriff’s Department has searched wooded areas in various parts of the county in hopes of locating him.

“Law enforcement gets a lot of grief sometimes, but I can’t say enough about the Sheriff’s Department and its response since Ricky was reported missing,” said Jimmy. “They have been wonderful throughout this entire time. They’ve gone above and beyond in searching for Ricky.”

McCormick says he has joined deputies in their searches and has conducted his own.

“I’ve searched for him every day in different parts of the county, walking through woods, walking railroad tracks and looking in fields. I’ll continue to search for him. I’ll see buzzards circling and I’ll go look. It’s always been a deer or some other animal.”

Those discoveries of dead animals are met with a bittersweet feeling, says McCormick, who voiced both happiness that it wasn’t Ricky and grief that he was unable to put an end to the family’s suffering in not knowing.

“His father would be giving this interview, but he’s a mess right now. If you have children, imagine one of them missing. Each day is a torment. We need to bring Ricky home,” said Jimmy.

Richard McCormick has brown hair, but is bald, has brown eyes, is 5-foot-8,

weighs 150 pounds and should wear glasses, but usually does not.

Jimmy described his nephew as a “kind, soft spoken, good-hearted person” who, “if he saw someone who needed help, would not hesitate to lend a hand.”

If anyone has seen Ricky McCormick or has any knowledge of his whereabouts, please contact Warren County Sheriff’s Department via the Warren County E-911 Center at (931) 668-7000.